First Date Since Recovery

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Hello my loves,

I hope you are all reading this in the best of health In Sha Allah! Its been a long time since my last post and to say a lot has happened would be the understatement of the centuary lol.

My darling sister in law has flown the nest (May Allah bless their marriage with eternal Love, Happiness and Prosperity, Ameen) so I was kept busy with wedding prep and Mehndi night projects lol (I will In Sha Allah post pictures of all the things we made and outfits we wore on another post soon In Sha Allah). Something which isn’t as bright and cheerful is that I seem to have fallen back down to square one in regards to my health this being the main reason why I have remained so MIA on this blog even though I had initially promised to do regular posts (Duas for me would be greatly appreciated too!).

Regardless we can’t cry over spilt milk lol so I thought I would do a post about something that is light-hearted and makes me incredibly happy…. EATING lol.

After my operation I had to take some serious time out and stay in bed to recover, for a good two months I was barely eating solids purely because of the nausea that I was experiencing which is great for losing those pesky pounds that like to gather at my hips but awful for someone that LOVES FOOD.

I’m sure you can all just imagine my delight when I was finally able to eat food without feeling sick, so this was definitely a call for a celebration and of course we celebrated by eating out lol (not the most healthiest thing to do but salad was included in my meal so you can’t say I didn’t try lol).

My husband decided to go to Persian Palace in Ealing, now I must say beforehand that this was my third time going there and I haven’t really ever enjoyed their food as I find it to be quite bland (Im a spice freak, I like lots of flavour in my food lol), However my husband was adamant in going so off course the devout and dutiful wife that I am I agreed lol (after a lot of disagreements lol).

Getting to Persian Palace is simple enough theres a mini car park nearby and although it is usually quite busy, we were lucky enough to find some parking close to the restaurant that day however we had a bit of a wait due to the dinner rush. After being seated we ordered pretty much straight away as we knew what we would be having beforehand (the husband always orders the same and I spent the journey googling their menu lol). We ordered the hummus with their taftoon naan bread as starters and I had a chicken fillet kebab with the naan and salad as my main (a majority of their dishes come with rice however due to the portion size I had decided to stick to naan bread as I didn’t want to overdo it lol).

if you ever go to Persian Palace make sure you get the hummus it is amazing and the taftoon naan bread is freshly made which makes the starter all the more tasty. In regards to the main I had to pretty much take back my words from the beginning of the evening as I really enjoyed my meal, the chicken kebabs were juicy and had lots of flavour and having it with the naan was a wise option as I find their portions to be massive so I was able to eat to my fill and give my husband half of the naan so he could finish his food too lol.

The overall cost was really reasonable and because of the portion size as well as the fact that I actually enjoyed the meal it was well worth the price, Timing for me was absolutely fine the starters came pretty much straight after ordering and the mains were served I guess around fifteen to twenty minutes after the starters. However I do think the restaurant would do well in perhaps expanding to a much bigger establishment as they are very busy and standing around near the entrance isn’t always fun especially if its raining which has happened in the past, having said that the owners of Persian Palace should be incredibly proud of their staff our waiter was kind and very attentive along with all the other staff members regardless of being rushed off their feet they made sure to ask us if we were okay or if we needed anything else.

I had to admit I was wrong that night and the mister was very happy as he isn’t usually proven right but with a stomach full of food that I enjoyed and a date night to remember I didn’t really dwell on it that long lol.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and do try the restaurant its not everyday I’m proven wrong lol (just joking)

For now my loves


BHV xx



First blog post- Welcome

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

If you had asked me five years ago what your plans are for your future, writing a blog would not have been in that conversation! (Lol) I had always dreamed of becoming a Forensic Psychologist living in a lush apartment in the Capital, with a cat and maybe a husband! Yet here I am at 23, sitting in bed and writing this introduction to my very own blog.

My life hasn’t panned out the way I had planned it. I am not a Forensic Psychologist and I’m certainly not living in Central London (with todays property prices that is no surprise. Lol), but I am a wife to an amazing husband, who also just happens to be the worst snorer in the world! (Anybody else feel my pain in this?).

A year ago my life took a turn for the worse; I was suddenly in constant pain and unable to move from my bed. I was literally only just making it from my bed to the bathroom and going to countless doctors appointments, where I had to battle to get a diagnosis (good old NHS). Due to this I had to give up my studies; however thankfully now I am diagnosed and on that road to recovery; but this journey has seriously made me re-evaluate my entire life.

I was now unsure whether psychology was for me and whether I even wanted to study any more and most of all one thing struck me the most!

I did not want to say I have done enough.
I did not want to say I have lived my life to its full potential.
I physically could not say I have done something to make a difference in this world and I was desperate to change this!

This is the reason I am starting this blog. I want to reach out to other muslim women, especially housewives, so we can connect and grow together. I need a place where I can document my struggles with this illness, where I can share my opinions, listen to other opinions too (I love hearing other peoples views so please do not hesitate to share!) and of course, I love food! Whether that’s eating out or cooking at home, I can guarantee there will be lots of recipes and restaurant reviews, esp. for fussy eaters. (My husband is one of the fussy ones, lol).
There will be standard posts too, you all should know the type! Skin care, makeup reviews and outfit of the day, no blog is complete without a good old OOTD, lol.

Most importantly, I think in a world where we now have the likes of Donald trump as president and burka bans becoming mainstream, it is becoming increasingly important that muslim women, especially muslim housewives, start being more vocal. Yes we stay at home, yes we are the obedient wife and bahu, but actually we do have a mind of our own! We are not just timid beings who listen and obey. I want to be able to take a stand and have a voice to help those that are less fortunate than me and be there for those that need help.

So this blog will have everything I love and I genuinely hope that you all love reading it!

This will be the first of many many posts In’Sha’Allah

But for now,